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We are so honoured to have had all you wonderful souls visit us on retreat. Thank you everyone for sharing, opening up, trusting us, for being brave enough to explore your fears and to heal with us. We are so grateful for your support and kind words...

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
― Maya Angelou,

It was a real pleasure being here! Wow!! I never thought I would experience good food, lovely, friendly people in a tranquil and peaceful place. I have been sleeping like a baby!! I loved the yoga classes, even though I have never done yoga. It was easy to learn and move with the flow. Breathwork was amazing! I have completely changed as I leave this place. I feel renewed, I believe in me and I am ready to take in the world!

Thank you, Peter and team… again, the food… I never knew that vegan could be so good! I’ll hope fully be back this year.





Butternut the brave, Sesame the shy – Geoffery, Lucy Haidee, Ian, Chrissie, Memory and Peter – Hearts for everyone!

So much love, gratitude and grace – bless this house, this ground and may all flourish in 2024 as you have helped me to flourish as 2023 draws to a close. Thank you in all the languages, sounds and vibrations.

Blessed be, 






To Peter, staff, dogs and kittens,


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience a week of heaven at Vala House. I opened myself to a new experience and embraced all the opportunities (except the ice bath). But there is always next time…


Love and best wishes, 





Vqla House, Ian, Memory, Chrissie, Peter and Nelson,


Froim the moment I drove into Vala House, if felt like the wind exhaled with a little more melody past my cheek. The shine of the sun grew a little warmer and instant release flooded over my body and I became filled with bliss. This place quickly began to feel like home. Vishal, Hendrik, Marine, thank you for passing down your knowledge in form of wisdom and passion. Thank you for preparing me finally to live by my greatest passion with such readiness and excitement. This teacher training exceeded my greatest expectations and connected me to energy, spirituality, divinity, and community. You helped me rediscover myself, my virtues, my values, my tranquillity. There is a mystical magic here created by the land, the nature, but mostly by the energy which has been created by you all, the Vala House team.


Thank you, thank you for opening your home and sharing it in such a manner. Thank you for feeding my belly the nourishment it has missed for years. Thank you for hosting, serving, cleaning in such a happy nature.

Thank you for giving me a space I feel safe, free, me. Thank you for giving me a new perspective of the Earth and nature. Thank you for each and every small detail. Thank you for trauma release and healing. Thank you for the laughs and cries, the smells, the stories. Thank you for absolutely everything.

Each one of you is a gift and I will carry you all and this experience with me for life.


Love, Rebecca





If you come to a place you don’t know anything about… if you book a retreat, of which you don’t know what to expect, but the clear goal is to relax, meditate, and finding your space back to your Yoga practice, and then you accidently push on the map to Vala House, and here I was.


And here I was: Feeling. Healing. Learning. Breathing. Enjoying. Yogiing. Standing. Dining. And so much more.


The MAGIC had started before

But here it really took me along

And I am so thankful to be able

To see, hear, feel the bliss.


Dear Peter, thank you for sharing your experience, your wisdom, and sharp, wonderful humour. Your place is an amazing and powerful place for every kind of mind, every character, and by letting a community evolve, you look out for one another is a wonderful side attraction to the whole experience.


Until we meet again, namaste,





It was overall an eye opening experience. I am more alive. More alert to the things around me. I am more present. The healing I found in this place I can never put into words.

The amazing people I met and the connections I made, I’ll carry with me everywhere.

Thank you again Peter and team. You guys are truly just awesomely amazing people.


This is to extend my sincere gratitude for all the love, the help, the serenity and the clarity I found in this sanctuary. Vala house is a home.

I came here confused, a huge ball of emotions, on the verge of a breakdown, and I found peace. I conquered my fears. I found my peace. You have given me more than you cn ever imagine. I am eternally grateful.






It has been an incredible experience. Thank you Peter, for your facility, your heart, and all you work yourself and as my teacher. Thank you Marine and Hendrik, you were really special as my teachers. I will carry a bit of you and the experience on the next leg of my journey.


Lots of love,






What a magic box! Thanks for everything!!

Love the classes, the sauna, the staff, the food, the dogs, the journey in total!

I am so grateful.





Absolutely amazing!

Twenty-three nights, 24 days and countless memories. I came for the YTT not knowing what to expect. It has been challenging, confronting, healing, moving, and altogether an unforgettable experience.


Peter has created a space that can accommodate people from all walks of life, at every stage of their life, in a beautiful, creative mess of energy. It is an incredible balance of personal challenges on a daily basis, with a warm comfort (in the form of love, food, nature, friendly animals and helpful staff).


I will certainly never forget this






Talk of surprises! Well, I got many. I came to Vala House expecting nothing more than relaxation and fresh air, which I indeed got! I pictured myself reading in the garden and unwiding my mind and stress away.

Vala House helped me to open a side of myself that I did not know existed, which I am so grateful for. 

I always knew I had an open mind, but I didn’t know I could have such an open mind. I go back with so many good things and memories hoping to relive the magical experience.

Dear Peter, thank you for opening Vala House. Thank you Nelson and Ian for taking care of us. I will miss you all.





Life changing!

So many beautiful memories. So much laughter and tears (healing tears). Terrific people in and out my life, forever in my heart. Fabulous fur baby cuddles.

Love you all!





Zen Dog,


He knows not where he’s going

For the ocean will decide – 

It’s not the destination…

It’s the glory of the ride


I ran out of time and so sadly much like my 7 gram journey – it’s incomplete.

Life permitting, I would like to come back soon and complete
Thank you Catherine, Nelson… and most of all, thank you Peter – you are the Zen Dog!
O love you all.

Keep it real and stay as beautiful as you make life each day


Justine and Monica 



My Dearest Vala House team, 


Thank you for the wonderful memories. I will treasure it for the rest of my life. See you soon!

Lots of love





Thank you Peter for the most joyful, rewarding and generous week.

I’ve lived every moment and congrats on drawing and surrounding yourself to share such beauty with people and things.





Dear Peter and the Vala Team,


Thank you so much for welcoming me with warmth, compassion and understanding. I am leaving with much more knowledge, especially about myself. Thank you, Peter, for your wisdom, patience and kind heart. You taught me a lot. I hope one day, our paths will cross again and I will be back at Vala House. A HUGE, MASSIVE THANKS to Nelson, Ian, Memory and Chrissie. Nelson, cultivate your chef skills, you are awesome!






Dear Peter, and the Vala House Team,


How lucky I am to have found this absolutely magic place. I have only been to one retreat before, and that was in Iceland for 3 days. I did not know what to expect when I arrived. These 10 days have been a beyond fantastic experience in every way.

The yoga classes, the kind and skilled yoga teachers – teaching us all those wonderful new techniques in order to centre and ground.

The excursions to Robberg, to the forest with Sue, was mind blowing! And the phone… my goodness, how delicious! And the place , the surrounding, the beautiful, furry little dogs.

All this under the lead of Peter! I do not have enough words ro express the gratitude I have for this experience. Thank you with love.





Vala House has absolutely exceeded my expectations, while pushing yourself to the limits. This calm, serenity, with amazing food is the perfect place. Test yourself under the supreme guidance. It has been an incredible journey with amazing people thank you!





This place is amazing! What Peter, Nelson and Ian have done to make this place is special. Thank you for the memories. I will be back!





Thank you for creating such a lovely and safe space. You sense acceptance from when you step onto the property. Peter, Nelson, Ian, thank you for nourishing us and being so attentive and friendly.

See you soon!






Thank you for a magical stay! Having come here feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and wanting to run away. I am leaving feeling revitalised and HAPPY! This place you have created is a treasure!


Chadé and Michelle




Where a profoundly beautiful experience.


It’s been easy to hold space for myself in a place that vibrates with loving support. Creating deeply inspiring memories through new experiences and giving me time to reflect and catch my breath. I feel refreshed, challenged, edified, and I have a deeper connection to the universe and the souls around.


I am forever grateful to Peter, Ian and Nelson – to not need to worry about anything is an incredible gift that is hard to quantify. And to all guests and teachers – each and every one has left impressions and footprints in my journey – thank you. I am because you are.


“Into the trees we go, we grow

Into the light, eyes closed, we see.

We shine, we love, we let be.

In truth we seek divinity.”


Infinite love,






Thank you for much needed rest, wise words and excellent food! Vala House provides amazing experiences. Peter, you are a fabulous host. Nelson and Ian you are amazing! What you do is much needed in this world. Blessings.





I am taking with me exactly what I needed to find my way forward. Thank you





Dear Peter Nelson and Ian, 

Thank you for putting me back together again. Thank you for joy, for laughter, for amazing food.





Namaste Vala Team (and Vala fur babies)


 From the outset, with Peter’s response to my initial enquiry by email, being met by the friendly smile from Nelson at the airport, and finally arriving at Vala House to a beautiful welcoming note, I knew that the universe has led me to where I needed to be. What a special place with such special people! Thank you, Peter, Nelson, Ian, Memory, Chrissie, Amy,  Marie, Jen and Sue, your passion and dedication to what you do is evident. I’m truly grateful for all that you are and I’m blessed that you have all been a part of my continuing journey. I found the stillness and breathing space I needed… it just for now.




Dear Vala House Team, 


I came to the other side of the world to manage to run away from my reality, regroup, refocus, reconstruct myself. I don’t have the slightest idea of whether this experience was going to be beneficial for me or not. I only hoped, but I found that Vala House is really an  unbeatable combination of people. Thank you all, Peter Nelson and Memory and of course Marie and Amy. I hereby leave back home with a calmer mind and I lighter heart.





The Vala House family are phenomenal. From the minute you walk through the doors you truly feel that you’re walking into a place to call home. All your needs are pre-empted even, before you’re aware of being in need; from the food to housekeeping. I cannot express the growth and peace that I came to inwardly behold. Definitely the best birthday gift ever (to myself). Couldn’t have asked for a better experience all my love,





Thank for the most for fulfilling, insightful and phenomenal experience. Nelson and Ian you’ve completely changed the way I perceive vegan food. Your pokey bowl completely blew my mind I’ll always remember these five days.





Dear Peter and the Vala House team,

An absolutely wonderful and transformative 10 days in such a beautiful space with warm kind people. Thank you for what you have created and all that you do with gratitude and love.





Dear Vala house team. Wow! I wanted an immersive YTT200 experience and I got so much more. I am truly grateful to each and ever yone of you for making my learning journey one I will never forget. You hold a special place in my heart. 






Thank you Vala House team, 

Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend experience. I feel recharged and ready to tackle my reality again. I hope to be here again soon, 





Dear Vala House, you truly are beautiful souls. 

Thank you for all the love, light and laughter. My soul feels full and connected. You always have a special place in my heart. See you soon. All my love. 





Dearest precious souls of a team. Words cannot express enough gratitude for this experience!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I love you all! Thank you for seeing me. 





Dearest, Nelson, Ian and Chrissie,

Thank you for an awesome experience and for your hospitality. It felt more like visiting a family. Thank you Peter for all your encouragement and kindness. I meant a lot to me and my healing journey. Loved cooking with Nelson and Ian in the kitchen, warm regards,





Thank you Vala House family for making my state such a memorable and meaningful one. You shared with me the greatest gift – time to breathe –  it means so much. All the best and hope to visit again some day. 





To Peter, Nelson and Ian. Thank you for a wonderful experience. We are truly grateful for your hospitality, care and generosity. We loved our time here and would highly recommend your place for some relaxation and rejuvenation. Many thanks,


Vanessa, Aletta and Tanya




Dear Peter, 

Thank you to Nelson, Ian and Chrissie for the awesome meals, the beautiful smiles always being there if anything is required. I felt so much at home. Warm and welcoming, my experience here has brought me happiness love and knowing what I need to do for my future. Peter, you were like my big brother. Your understanding and suggestions has made me realise that life can be great and it’s my chance to ensure that I receive love and decide on my purpose of being alive. Peter, you are an amazing person and thank you so much for giving me directions. 

Love you all – I miss you! 





Dear Peter, Ian, Nelson, Chrissie. Thank you for a very special, memorable, soul-touching stay. I loved every moment of it. Best wishes and lots of love, 





Dearest Peter. 

This has been the most amazing 11-day experience I’ve ever had. The peace, serenity, welcome, talks, motivation, encouragement, guidance is priceless. I’m leaving here so relaxed energised and rejuvenated. While I was here, I forgot the rest of the world existed and focused on me. My journey from here on almost certainly will be positive, calm, exciting (very exciting!) as I have burned as negative vibes. To Ian and Nelson, you guys are absolutely fantastic! The warm welcome, the most delicious gourmet meals, the ever available assistance – you guys are amazing!





To the dogs, Peter. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms into the sacred space. I felt more at home here then I felt anyway, and a really long time. The week I’ve spent with all of you will forever hold a truly special and vital part of my journey. I’m filled with immense gratitude. I’ve learnt so much in a seven day spent at the house. I’m on it in the light of profound. I love you all and I’m excited to see you again in the near future. 





Thank you for a beautiful seven days. I learnt and grown so much in the yoga sessions. Peter, you’re a great teacher, I especially loved the meditations. The Robberg hike, the nature walks and the paddle completed the healing experience for me. The Breathwork was amazing and I enjoyed every activity and the beautiful group that I shared the experience with. Thank you Nelson and Ian for the awesome food! Thank you again Peter for listening and your guidance I leave here with a renewed strength and love for life.




Dear Peter, Nelson and Ian. It has been an absolute pleasure to stay here. It doesn’t feel like it has already been 10 days. I have had the most restful and quiet moments and insights into my thoughts as well as your amazing company. Peter, I’ve learnt so much from you on Yoga and just readjusting my overall being. I will definitely keep my yoga journey up. Nelson, food food, food. Mr Nelson has been amazing and out of this world! I hope you keep well and continue on your food journey. It was a true pleasure and discovery of some new vegan dishes for me. Ian, thank you for taking the time to share laughs, your thoughts and company. Of course I will not forget our hiking trip. To you all thank you, and take care of yourselves change





To Peter and the Vala Team, thank you so much for creating such a wonderful space for relaxation, reflection, nourishing of body and soul. Thank you for creating a space for questions and guidance in so many forms. Thank you,





Dear Peter, thank you for sharing your beautiful place with me. You gave me the space that I needed and the warm and welcoming environment made me flower. I was able to make huge steps, my energy started flowing again, my heart opened again and I am ready and energised to go back and continue all the amazing and good work that started here. Please keep up the good work with your wonderful team. I will for sure come back. Love






Sometimes the universe works in such a perfect way to place you just where you need to be just at the right time. I believe that is what happened to me and how I ended up here amongst the tranquillity and peace of Vala House. I can’t express my sincerest gratitude for all the love, compassion, patience and support that I received during my time. I don’t even know where to begin when trying to describe all the different wonderful opportunities and experiences I’ve been graced with. Guided by what I can only describe as my angels. They had space for me, they open my mind, they held my hand and sometimes brushed away my tears. They helped me celebrate myself and showed me what I am capable of. Though my healing journey continues, what I have achieved here at Vala has been be special. My time here has turned into nesting into another place in the world I feel I can call home. Guests have come and gone and have touched my heart in many ways. I’ve come to know so many special souls. And whilst I arrived as a guest, a troubled soul, I’m leaving with friends and people I honestly can describe as family. Without a shadow of doubt, I’ll be back sooner than you think. Thank you to all the phenomenal souls. My heart is so much fuller, my soul is so much lighter and my smile is even brighter. All my love and blessings 





Dear Peter, Nelson and Chrissie, 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing experience. Vala House will stay with me forever. It was a safe place to deal with my emotions and allowed me to transform into something even better. Your different therapies are incredible and allowed me to unlock everything. My time here was absolutely amazing, calming and life changing!






Dear Peter, Nelson and Ian,


Many thanks for making my holiday a unique experience. Vala House introduced me to some amazing being and some treasured moments. Yoga on the beach and at Vala House set the tone for one of the best weeks of my life.

Nelson prepared healthy, nutritious delicious meals. He is a great driver and tour guide. Ian is a delight with an easy going, friendly manner. Thanks to him, I could replace my phone so quickly. Sue is a treasure. She is truly inspiring. My fellow guests added so much value to my stay. 

May you thrive and build this dream to great heights and spiritual depth





Dear Peter, Nelson and Ian,


This was the perfect start to 2023!


Thank you for an amazing retreat. Thank you for the most delicious vegan food! I have been pleasantly surprised at every meal.


Thank you for making me feel comfortable enough to bare my soul and to connect with other beautiful people who have now become friends.


Wishing you all a year filled with love and blessings.





Dear Vala Family,


This trip was nothing short of perfect!


Everything from the food, bedrooms, yoga, activities, and healing, to the amazing people I've met.


I am so entirely grateful for the experience I had and the friends I have made.


The retreat saved me and helped me heal and look forward to life ahead.


I would not change a thing.




Zenobia Rasool


Dear Vala Family,


Writing this on my last day :(


Yes, I am a bit sad that I am leaving my home away from home. You guys made me feel all special, loved and cared for. I felt like I belonged.


Thank you for the delicious food - super tasty! :)


I don't often get to connect with people on a deeper level, so thank you!


You are all just super amazing people that deserve all the great things in life. I wish you all growth, abundance, love and peace.


As I leave your house, I leave you with my love, my heart remains!


Vala House will always be my love. Thank you for bring me back to me and reminding me of water really matters.





Dear Peter, Nelson and Ian,


Thank you so much for making this experience one to remember. In just one short week, you've taken me in and made me feel like family. My body and mind feel lighter and ready to tackle 2023. You've truly blessed me with the strength and calm to be myself.


May you have a beautiful and blessed year.


Until next time...





Driving towards Vala House, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature, I immediately felt a sense of calm.


Stepping into Vala House, it's tranquil setting, peace and serenity, the warm welcome... my senses filled with the smell of freshly-baked bread... I immediately knew this was the beginning of something different.


I've had such an amazing week, a week of release and to breathe. Thank you, Peter for a retreat that truly nurtures and revitalises the mind, body and soul. It's been a holistic experience... focussed on both my personal and spiritual wellbeing.


Thank you Nelson and Ian for the wholesome meals prepared with such love and passion.


I am so much richer from this experience and truly emerging a better me. May you continue to prosper and bring joy and peace to many more guests. Wishing you, Peter, Nelson and Ian, love, light and serenity. 



Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I arrived an emotional wreck; with your guidance and help, I m leaving enlightened and strong. I will continue with your teachings and look forward to returning for further teachings and enlightenment.


With my best wishes and love,






Thank you so much for the most wonderful retreat.


From the time I walked through the door I felt at home and was immediately at peace.


The retreat is a true sanctuary; everything is so serene and beautiful. The grounds, the rooms, the yoga studio, the living spaces – all of it.


Thank you for making such an effort to make my stay comfortable, relaxing and fulfilling. All the activities blended in so well to the overall experience.


And as the meals, you, Nelson and Ian prepared were out of this world - what a treat! Especially the chocolate cake!


I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to return soon. May you an all at Vala House be blessed.


All the very best,






Thank you, Peter, for making our 7-day retreat at Vala House such an exquisite and memorable experience!

Everything was just wonderful: the daily Yoga and the meditations with you, the vegan meals you and Nelson lovingly prepared, the beautiful & comfy room, the different indoor and outdoor experiences you organized for us and, of course, your genuine, constant care. 

I left Vala with a rested body, a refreshed mind and a heart full of peace, joy and laughter. 

I now recommend your center to everyone I meet who’s looking to detach from the busyness of life for a while and spend quality, restorative time in a gorgeous setting. 

Flavia Gaspard


Best yoga retreat ever. Not only was the room, location, and property exactly what I was hoping for, but the yoga and meditation classes were the perfect start and end to the days.


Vala House just opened this year, but already Peter and his team have really figured out how to design & host meaningful retreats. As a solo female traveler, I felt at home and among friends right away. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you Vala House!


Stephanie DuBois




I had the most amazing experience at this beautiful tranquil retreat centre! Exactly what I needed!


From the moment of arrival I felt totally at home, the friendly very supportive helpful staff really made sure I was comfortable and at ease all the time. My room was amazing, spacious, clean and neat and beautiful. The bed was so comfortable I slept so well every night off the retreat.


The food was sooo nutritious and delicious and the variety was big, every meal was a surprise and was beautifully presented.


The meditations, breathing and yoga was amazing and I enjoyed each class and really brought me into the present moment and assisted with the tension in my neck and shoulders.


I got so much more then what I went for like an amazing guided Forrest walk, horse riding, a beautiful Reiki session, a guided beach walk and a little glimpse of the beautiful garden route which I didn’t get to see from Johannesburg.


The art sessions was amazing and I felt like a child in creation and was totally able to switch off and enjoy doing art.


This retreat most definitely deserves 5 stars🙏 the Energy there is amazing 

Cecile Wiggett



Burnt out? Stressed?

Vala House is THE place to recuperate.

It is impossible not leave rejuvenated, ready to face life again; with the nutritious meals, the beautiful, peaceful location and activities presented.

Peter makes your stay personal and special.

Alani Van Den Bergh




I spent a glorious 7 days here on a Yoga Nidra retreat. We ate 3 beautifully prepared vegan meals a day, had the option to do yoga 3 times a day and went for long peaceful walks in the nearby Knysna forest. It was the perfect way to restore and rest.


My room was spacious with wooden floors and large bay windows from which to watch the sunbirds play. The bedding was exquisite and the bathroom had a bath and shower with a huge walk-in closet. If you need to work, the wifi is great.


You can also go on horse rides or there is a spa nearby if you want to go pamper yourself more.


But why would you want to leave, when you can just sit all day under the oak trees, listen to the fish eagle call at the edge of the garden and wait for the next communal meal around the large patio table : )


Whether you come by yourself or as part of a group, you will be made to feel welcome, be taken care of really well and will not want to leave this magical retreat at the edge of the Knysna Forest.

Aletta Lintvelt




Exactly what I hoped for. Lovely yoga classes. Big trees. Inspiring art. Birdsong. Crisp white sheets. A hammock to read in. A naartjie orchard to snack from. (Not that you need it - the food is amazing! And you don't need to pack books, Peter's library is well stocked...) Thank you, Peter and Nelson for an unforgettable retreat.

Ingrid Penzhorn




Set in a lush, green scenery lies this stunning retreat house. The rooms are very tastefully decorated and both spacious and cozy at the same time. Peter is a wonderful host and teacher who manages to create a peaceful and generous atmosphere. I wish I could have stayed longer.

Christoph Seiler



Dear Peter,


I had expectations... and was not prepared. I got highly rewarded. Go here to heal yourself and be healed. Arrive. Embrace. Breathe. Surrender. 100% love for Vala House. So I will keep on working on this great mantra that I once found ion a fortune cookie: Expect nothing . Be prepared for anything.


And of course, especially in that second part :) Thanks for leading me there during my time at Vala House - and of course, so, so much more.


Much love, Jan



When you arrive at Vala House your first view of the property is this gorgeous farm style villa entrance, whilst being warmly welcomed in by the host, Peter.


The communal kitchen is gorgeous and it's the 1st thing I loved about the house and noticed as I walked in, plus there is a lovely fireplace for wintertime, where you can cosy up with a book or just chill.


The house really is stunning, and my room is beautiful, spacious, breezy, and light with such a lovely energy and Tuscan feel balcony where I managed to get a bit of work done. The ensuite bathroom has a shower and a bath with some lovely vegan friendly natural aromatherapy soaps and creams, and it’s these little extras and attention to detail that make the stay unique.


Guests are welcome to join the daily Yoga classes on offer or sign up for one of the Yoga Retreat’s on the calendar. I feel quite privileged that Peter kindly opened his beautiful studio up for me to teach an on-Line Pilates class, whilst connected to the free wi-fi.


The beauty of this places is that it‘s really peaceful and relaxing here and the expansive property and garden has views of the hills and a dam. There are also horses and cows next door and buck do venture into the property, so you do really feel like you have been submerged into nature and away from the hustle bustle.


Peter has really created such a warm, welcoming, and homey feel here, and the home away from home experience I wanted to rest, relax, and unwind.


Debra McCreedy




Thank you for the “decompress” and relaxation as well as the wonderful food and yoga.


My reiki session was something remarkable on my last day and the perfect end was a picture perfect ride on the most beautiful and friendly horses on the next door farm 

Claire Noyes-Smith



Hi Peter, thanks again for an amazing experience. I’m leaving with a full cup and heart, and a content and clear mind. I think you really have something great at Vala House that will benefit a lot more people to come.


I really enjoyed the yoga sessions especially the Nidra, each story you told resonated with me. Originally, I thought 90min would take a while but from the first session the easy flow of the class made time fly by and the end always came sooner than expected. The forrest walk was definitely a highlight and I love Sue's enthusiasm and energy, it was a magical experience. I have had a number of ‘light bulb’ moments from all parts of the week that will help me going forward.


The food was amazing! And like I said last night, for me that is a key aspect to a stay and the experience and the food really was phenomenal.


I think a lot of the above I have already communicated over the week, however, I have not given any feedback on Nelson. For me, Nelson was my first interaction with Vala House and i don't think you could find any better. His care-free nature and easy going energy made me immediately comfortable in his presence. He has a genuine positivity and is always smiling, which is infectious.


Lastly another point i enjoyed was the inclusion of others at meals, like Sue and Nelson, Debra and Taryn. I think that this also adds a lovely atmosphere of welcomeness and togetherness.


Thank you for a very enjoyable stay.

Claire Botha


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