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Spirit is simple

If it is complicated, it's from the ego.

Spirit is simple.

I have no idea who said this, but I first saw it on a dear friend's status and it certainly got me thinking of the nature of complexity and simplicity in our thoughts, actions, and experiences.

I have certainly learnt that my ego is the master creator of the complexities that sometimes bedevil my life as the self-centered and often intricate web of thoughts, desires, and attachments it creates cloud my perception and create confusion.

The ego tends to overanalyse, overthink, and complicate matters, leading to inner turmoil and external complexity. I think most would agree to this. The real thinking, perhaps, comes with the introduction of spirit and its alignment with simplicity. Simplicity, it is argued, arises from a deeper place within us, from our spirit or a sense of inner wisdom. When we tap into this essence, we can experience a sense of clarity, ease, and simplicity in our thoughts, actions, and decision-making.

It's this state, or energy, or place that we call spirit that is so aligned with with qualities such as intuition, authenticity, and being in the present moment that many fond difficult to truly come to terms with.

We are all extremely familiar with our ego, but less so with our spirit, or essence.

To connect to our spirit and find simplicity, we must let go of the need to control, impress, or complicate things, and allow the simplicity of the present moment to unfold. By doing so, we invite a more harmonious and authentic way of living, where we are guided by a deeper understanding and connection with ourselves and the world around us.

Simplicity, as used in the quote, is not the reduction to the basic or the superficial. Life is clearly multifaceted, and complexity can be necessary and valuable in certain situations - as can our ego.

The understanding I take from the quote is two-fold – keep my ego in check and remember to look for simplicity wherever possible, to untangle the unnecessary complications created by the ego, and to embrace a more effortless and authentic way of being.

A spiritual Occam's razor if you like...

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