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Vala House wellness centre

Wellness Retreats

A place to breathe, move, and heal

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About Us

Vala House is a creative wellness centre on the outskirts of Knysna, South Africa. A beautiful, expansive garden provides the ideal backdrop for a relaxing getaway filled with yoga and a variety of creative and healing activities. A wellness centre, yoga centre and mental health haven.

"What happens when people open their hearts? They get better.” 

Haruki Murakami

Our Wellness and Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreat
yoga and art

Burnout recovery

Our Burnout Recovery Retreats and Wellness Retreats are designed to treat the physical, psychological and emotional impact brought about by stress and burnout.

These wellness retreats are completely bespoke and you can come for as long as you like, whenever you like and we will ensure that your retreat programme is tailored to your needs and maximises your healing.

Yoga retreat for beginners

Our Yoga Retreats for Beginners are designed give you a broad introduction to yoga asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, meditation and yoga philosophy in a relaxing and beautiful setting. We also go on coastal and forest hikes, swim in the sea and eat amazing vegan food, all while adopting mindfulness and applying yogic thought and ideals. A beautiful yoga retreat experience.

Release your inner creativity

Join us for a retreat offering deep yoga practice, relaxation, and creative expression. We will delve into how creative expression can balance us, free us and help us discover the beauty that surrounds us.  Learn how to express yourself through different artistic modes such as haiku, sonnets, and streams of consciousness, clay, water colour, charcoal, ink and oils, as well as some revealing and well-structured prose.


Words will never explain how much you have changed my life. I will be back soon.

Thank you so much for everything. This truly is a magical place.

I will miss everyone here, including the fur babies!

Until next time…


Dear Peter, Nelson, Ian and Chrissy

Thank you for the beautiful journey!

You have opened so many doors for me. I look forward to coming back very soon.



Dear Vala Family,

This trip was nothing short of perfect!

Everything from the food, bedrooms, yoga, activities, and healing, to the amazing people I’ve met.

I am so entirely grateful for the experience I had and the friends I have made.

The retreat saved me and helped me heal and look forward to life ahead.

I would not change a thing.


Zenobia Rasool

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