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The importance of a yoga retreat in South Africa

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Living in South Africa has its ups and downs. It’s a beautiful and vibrant country but the stress of work, load shedding and finances can raise stress levels quickly. Many South Africans turn to yoga as a form of relaxation, exercise and meditation. However, a simple yoga session a couple of times a week may not lower your stress, so a yoga retreat could be the solution you need.

Some yoga retreats are intensive and all-encompassing while others just include some light stretching while you’re on holiday. They come in various packages, but whichever retreat suits your abilities and preferences, you’re likely to return to normal life feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Vala House is a serene space on the outskirts of Knysna – one of the most relaxing regions of the famed Garden Route. We offer three types of retreats that vary in duration; a weekend getaway, a seven-day retreat or a two-week retreat. These all centre on yoga and wellness, but include activities such as cooking, poetry, art, dance and music.

Why go on a yoga retreat?

The main reason for a yoga retreat is to escape your daily routine and focus on your own health and wellness for a good period of time. It’s a time to forget about concerns and anxieties and immerse yourself in a new universe for some time. It becomes an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and focus on the good in your life.

This is something that many South Africans can benefit from. A yoga retreat provides an immersion into a safe space where the realities of the outside world can be removed. Even if it’s just for a weekend, participants can leave feeling re-energised and focused. It allows you to jump back into work and life with a renewed outlook or at least a sense of positivity and calmness.

These retreats are for anyone – you don’t need to have previous yoga experience. Young or old, flexible or stiff; a yoga retreat at Vala House will allow you to spend some time focusing on your health and wellness. They have real advantages, both physically and mentally, but one of the biggest perks is meeting like-minded people from across South Africa and having the opportunity to make new friendships.

People have different reasons for escaping

Everyone who attends a yoga retreat will have different expectations or reasons for participating. Some want to deepen their practice and knowledge of the ancient craft while others just want a calming holiday. Many people attend because they are at a crossroads in life and need to decompress through meditation and yoga.

Whatever your reason, a yoga retreat in Knysna is a unique experience that combines several activities for better physical and mental wellness. The beauty of the surrounding landscape adds to the serenity at Vala House. Meditation goes hand-in-hand with yoga, so we encourage guests to find a quiet space outside and spend a few minutes self-reflecting each day.

A yoga retreat allows guests to recharge their batteries while getting involved in a range of meaningful activities. Beginners can discover the joys of yoga while experienced individuals can deepen their practice. Most importantly, it’s about taking valuable time out of your normal life to re-centre your thoughts. To book a spot at one of our yoga retreats, please contact us today.


Vala House is a creative wellness centre on the northern outskirts of Knysna. It is the ideal venue for a relaxing getaway filled with yoga and a variety of creative and healing activities. We offer yoga sessions three times per day, or yoga retreats for a weekend, one week or two weeks at a time.

For more insights into the practice of yoga or information about Vala House, take a look at our blog section. Follow us on Facebook to stay connected with our latest news and offerings.

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